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IYF Inc.  --   Improving Your Future

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IYF Inc helps small to mid-sized businesses solve their business problems and information needs with procedures, software and technology based solutions. We provide a variety of consulting and system support services along with product recommendations and installations where appropriate.

Our focus is to understand our client's underlying business first, then recommend solutions that make sense and are cost effective. 

IYF is a locally owned company primarily serving Northwest Arkansas communities.

We have been serving clients since 1972 when we started with 'time sharing' services using IBM mainframes.  Needless to say we have changed and evolved over the past 40+ years. 

We are involved in client engagements and working with your firm would be a privilege.

If you have an existing issue or concern call Bob at 870/431-5140.  

He would be pleased to discuss your problem and explore possible solutions. 

Contact Us

Due to privacy concerns Bob's email address is not published because of spammers. 

As an alternative use the Skype account   AR_Mr-Bains